Multifunction Micro Oil

4in1 Micro Oil VegeLub® is biodegradable multifunction micro oil synthesized through the most advanced techniques in nanotechnology, having an exceptional function as an anti-seize lubricant, grease remover, lubricant, dewatering oil, dielectric protective, with an excellent anticorrosion protection. Based on VegeLub®, according to NSF 151413, it is odorless, nontoxic, with a high food grade, and safe for internal environments and for users. Odorless - Nontoxic - Biodegradable


  • Biodegradable. Low VOC. Non controlled. Non unhealthy. Nontoxic. (In conformity with NR-15);
  • Food grade - exempt from mineral and vegetal oils;
  • Odorless, easy application - aerosol;
  • Does not contain silicon. Exempt from CFCs. Non aggressive to the ozone layer;
  • Non conductive. Dielectric strength: over 20,000V;
  • Anti-corrosion protective. Compatible with all types of material;
  • It can substitute toxic anti-seize oils with CFCs, turpentine, benzene, ether, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), MEK, acetone, perchloroethylene, naphtha, hexane, pentane, aromatics (toluene, xylene etc.), thinners and scents.
  1. Penetrates and unseizes;
  2. Cleans and removes grease;
  3. Lubricates and protects against rust;
  4. Dewatering and dielectric protective.

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